New Spot for Boba Family Baby Carriers Goes Viral

We're proud to announce the arrival of this new video for Boba Family baby carriers, which seems to have everybody talking…and tearing up! Since it was posted on January 7, the video, featuring original music by alcheh&hunt, has generated nearly 150,000 YouTube views, more than 50,000 Facebook shares, over 500,000 views on Facebook, and a feature in the LA Times. See what the press is saying:

  “I dare you to watch the video without welling up.” -LA Times

  “So, which line can you make it to without crying?” -The Huffington Post

  “You Made Me a Mom...makes me want to have another baby just so I can buy [a Boba carrier] as a way to say thanks for making this heartstring-tugging vid.” The Stir / CafeMom

We are proud to have contributed to such a moving piece. Test your own tear ducts by clicking on the image below: