Crank up your speakers, blow away those leaves and listen to the latest.

The good noise is going nationwide with a cornucopia of new projects coming out of our new Boulder facility (click on photos to enlarge).

Call us to schedule a tour of our digs (while you sip a cocktail). Whatever your music and audio-post needs, we can warm up your projects with:

5.1 and stereo final mix in a true critical listening environment
Cinematic sound design
Voice-over casting and recording
Next-generation full resolution remote recording ("the new ISDN") 
Exclusive client-searchable music library with thousands of tracks and new album releases out monthly (LAL)
Our award-winning original score for advertising, film and television

and much more…

Here is some of what we’ve been producing since we last wrote:

Reach New Heights

We always love working with Futuristic Films, and their latest eye-popping spot, for Marmot's newest gear, was no exception. It features beautiful VFX work from Friends Of Mine, and captures just about everything that’s incredible about true winter. Read the full details and credits on the Egotist. Feel the icy blast here:

Take a Contagious Ride

We were honored to work with Oscar-winning documentary director Daniel Junge and top editor Davis Coombe of Milkhouse, scoring the short documentary An Avoidable Epidemic, about road safety in Brazil, sponsored by Liberty Mutual insurance.

Strike it Rich

Produced by our friends at Cactus, this smart and sweet Colorado Lottery spot makes us smile every time. We licensed the music from our own music library, LA Audio Lounge (LAL), which is now online and making waves (more in detail about LAL in our next newsletter).

Touch Your Heart

Among several beautiful spots we mixed for Boulder’s Mrs. K, we chose this uplifting one featuring USA Network's Change Makers campaign and Nationwide Insurance.

Man(ning) up to MS Healthcare

Scored for University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) and The Manning Family Fund, this set of spots features football legends Archie and Eli Manning: two sports stars doing important social good. Together with Jasper, Jonnie and the rest of the team at Futuristic, we kicked off the campaign with this:

Gobble this…in flight

Flying Delta this month? You can get your turkey fix with the vibrant promos we custom-scored, sound-designed and mixed for the 2014 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. 

Here's to a colorful fall!

The alcheh&hunt team

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