Dechen Hawk - Jus' Sayin'

The long-awaited album from Dechen Hawk, Jus' Sayin', is out now. 
Produced, Engineered, Mixed by Elliot Hunt.
You can sample and buy the album here:

Album notes:

Drug Of Choice, Lost In Line, Tenderly written by Dechen Hawk
Beautifully Back written by Daniel Alcheh, Lyrics by James Mihaley
What You Won't Do For Love written By – Caldwell-Kettner

Produced, Engineered, Mixed by Elliot Hunt
Recorded & mixed at alcheh&hunt
Mastered by Dominick Maita

Drug Of Choice:
Dechen Hawk - Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Synth
Mirco Altenbach - Saxophone
Daniel Alcheh - Strings
Elliot Hunt - Drums, Keys/Synth
Kip Kuepper - Bass

Lost In Line:
Dechen Hawk - Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Synth, Bass
Mirco Altenbach - Saxophone
Elliot Hunt - Drums, Keys/Synth

Dechen Hawk - Vocals, Keys, Synth, Bass
Robbie Nevil - Guitar
Elliot Hunt - Drums, Keys/Synth

Beautifully Back:
Dechen Hawk - Vocals
Daniel Alcheh - Piano, String arrangement
Strings performed by the Beijing Chamber Ensemble, recorded in Beijing, China
James Mihaley - Lyrics

What You Won't Do For Love:
Dechen Hawk - Vocals, Guitar
Kip Kuepper - Bass, Keys/Synth
Elliot Hunt - Drums, Mellotron,Keys/Synth
Daniel Alcheh- Synth, EFX


"Like Stevie Wonder and Jeff Buckley thrown in a blender." - Bryan Beller, Dethklok 

Rocked to sleep as a child to Stevie Wonder, Dechen Hawk's music ranges from beautiful ballads to serious backbeat funk. Hawk's sound is a refreshing new addition to the Neo-Soul movement. Though musical his whole life, it wasn't until the death of his father at age 14, and the search for a way to express that loss, that Hawk found his calling as a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. It was also at this time the Hawk was introduces to the music of Jeff Buckley, which influenced him heavily during this time of grief and musical exploration. Hawk's desire to create and express the joy and fragility of life has kept him busy for the past 22 years performing locally and internationally, sharing billings with such legends as Martin Sexton, Bruce Hornsby, Leon Russell, and the Fun Lovin' Criminals, as well as sharing the stage with members of The Motet, Big Gigantic, Juno What, Kyle Hollingsworth Band, The New Mastersounds, Euforquestra, Analog Sun, The pimps of Joytime, Punch Drunk Monkey Funk, Ty Burhoe, and Ron Miles. During this time Hawk has written hundreds of songs, released 7 albums, been in numerous bands, played the role of talent buyer for various venues. A 2009 graduate of Naropa University, Hawk studied with Bill Douglas, Art Lande, and Janet Feder.

"One impression you get from Hawk is that generosity is not just a courtesy; It's a business plan." P.J. Nutting - Boulder Weekly