Summer heat map from alcheh&hunt

Our offices have been sizzling with hot projects from around the country.

From Hollywood to Colorado to Europe and beyond, our offices have been on fire with projects. A new Time Warner Cable campaign, promos for ABC's THE BACHELORETTE and FOOD NETWORK STAR, A&E's promos for THOSE WHO KILL starring Chloë Sevigny, and music for Nike and Crocs' international stores are just a few of the things keeping us busy. Get the details on these and an explosion of other new projects here.

Powerful Connections

Teaming up with Troika in Los Angeles and Spider in Denver, we took on sound design, original score and mix for Time Warner Cable's latest campaign for the new super-fast Internet service.
The Perfect Ingredient

We had the tasty fun of mixing a plateful of promos for the new FOOD NETWORK STAR. We handled the sound design, sweetening and final mix. Here's a tasting:

Singular Sensation

You were probably not able to escape these on TV -our Boulder studio did the sound design, sweetening and final mix for the promos on ABC's THE BACHELORETTE "Salon Chair Confidential" campaign, presented by Suave Professionals. Get hitched to one here:

Killing it in Hollywood

We hinted at this in our last newsletter, but were waiting for the big on-air reveal. Well, we think this news was worth the wait: alcheh&hunt worked with Boulder's own Mrs. K to score, sound-design and mix the TV promos for A&E's new series, THOSE WHO KILL, starring Chloë Sevigny. Get the chills here:

Running the Show

Nike licensed a rocking track from alcheh&hunt for a Lunar Vapor sneaker spot, starring baller Mike Trout. Take a look.

Seeing Stars

Located within the Grand Rapids Art Museum, the Roger B. Chaffee Planetarium is named after the Grand Rapids-born astronaut who lost his life in the 1967 Apollo 1 spacecraft fire. alcheh&hunt licensed the library music, and did the sound design and 5.1 surround mix for the new rich and realistic planetarium installation.

Walking the World

Crocs licensed some happy music from our library, for its online and in-store spots in the US as well as TV spots throughout East Europe and Asia.

Head of the Class

Together with Futuristic Films and Genesis, we did the sound design, wrote the original score and mixed Northern Michigan University's new long-format brand identity film.

What else? Well, if you insist, we...

won by a hair - Supercuts' new 2014 brand video is set to music that was licensed from our library.

made a house call - we worked with Waypoint Films and Vermillion to create some fun video and radio spots for Door To Door Organics.

kept the faith - we produced singer-songwriter Dave Tamkin's new song for theLove, Strength and Hope Foundation and worked with budding new Colorado star, Gracie Fox, on two new singles. Click to check out the first single, "Down".

Whether you need a playlist-full of library tracks in your inbox within the hour, sound design and final mix for your project, voiceover casting, or an original score for your latest and greatest, please call or email us. 

Here's to a wonderful summer!

The alcheh&hunt team

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